Four National TV Producers Reveal How to Become a Guest on Top Shows

Join us for a free web class on Thursday, January 6th for insider tips from producers who've booked guests for ABC, NBC, CBS & Oprah

by Steve Harrison

Want to promote your book, your product, or your service by appearing as a guest on national television?

Of course you would, because it's one of the fastest ways to reach millions of people with your message. The right major TV appearance can make a book or product an instant bestseller.

To discover what it takes to get booked, join me for a FREE, 75-minute web class on Thursday, January 6th at your choice of 2 pm Eastern (11 am Eastern), 7 pm Eastern (4 pm Pacific), OR 10 pm Eastern (7 pm Pacific).

You'll get key insider publicity secrets from interviews I've done with four of my veteran producer friends. 

They've booked guests for ABC, CBS, NBC, Oprah and CNN.

Plus, you'll also get valuable lessons I've learned helping 15,000 non-fiction authors and experts get publicity for their books, businesses, and causes.

You'll learn things unknown to 99% of all author and experts who want publicity, including:

  • How to increase your odds of getting booked as a guest on really big shows.

  • Understanding the mindset of national TV producers and what gets them to book you as a guest.

  • The strategy a husband-and-wife team used to land a seven-minute segment on the Today Show.

  • What you should send national TV producers (and what you shouldn't).

  • The biggest mistakes to avoid when pitching TV producers (including ones that could get you shut out forever!).

  • Case histories of other authors and entrepreneurs and the strategies they used to get on top TV shows.

As an added bonus, you'll also get a free subscription to my email newsletter, packed with publicity and profitable publishing tips. 

Talk soon,

Steve Harrison

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Steve Harrison has dedicated the past 30+ years of his life to helping authors and entrepreneurs promote their books, products and services.

Steve and his team have helped more than 15,000 authors promote their books as guests on radio and TV talk shows — more than any PR firm on the planet.

As publisher of Radio-TV Interview Report (RTIR), he's help launch such bestselling books as Chicken Soup for the Soul, Rich Dad Poor Dad, and the For Dummies series, to name just a few.